PHS Pupil Premium Reporting


The funding of the Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium Plus to schools is as a result of the coalition government allocating additional funds to allow schools to improve and increase their provision for disadvantaged and Looked After Children.  The aim of the additional funding, which has laid down criteria as to how it is used is to support increased success in attainment and wider achievement whilst pupils attend PHS.   It is a legal requirement to publish online information about how we have used the premium.

PHS is a special school for children aged 10- 19 with ESBD and other associated complex needs and difficulties. The majority of our pupils have an EHC plan. Levels of attainment upon entry to the school are significantly below average.  The catchment areas are wide with pupils drawn from both urban and rural communities.
The funding is provided in addition to the funding received from the LA and is intended to help disadvantaged pupils to close the gap and to raise attainment and improve progress.

Children who are eligible;

• Pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years.

• Children who have been looked after for 1 day or more

• Was adopted from care on or after 30 December 2005, or left care under a special guardianship order, or a residence order

Pupil Premium Spend and impact

Details of our key objectives, Key expenditure, attainment and progress can be found below;

Funding for this academic year will be approximately £10,900.

- The school has received funding of £1,900 for each Looked After Child, 4 in total.
Newcastle - The school has received funding of £1,900 for each Looked After Child, 1 in total
Gateshead - The school has received funding of £1,400 for each Looked After Child, 1 in total.

Total number of pupils eligible for pupil premium was 6, a total of £10,900.

Objectives for Pupil Premium Spending

1. Wellbeing

  • • Continue to fund fruit to be provided at all break times for all pupils

    2. Progress in Core Subjects

    • • 1:1 English tutoring offered after school for all LAC pupils to raise attainment in English subjects
      • Science Tutoring for GCSE LAC pupils to raise attainment within GCSE Science
      • Purchase of Dyslexia Assessment services for 1 LAC pupil   

    • 3. Enrichment

      • • Setting up, purchase of resources and running of after school club in music mixing
        • Access to 1:1 Music tuition for all LAC pupils who wish to learn to play an instrument
        • Access to additional after school sports clubs, Golf.

      • 4. Engagement

        • • Purchase of Holistic progress reporting system which allows us the ability to assess pupil progress holistically in all areas of activity, which gives a clearer picture of progress across the board for LAC pupils.
          • Interactive Maths system Mathletics with 6 tablets to use within Maths lessons and for homework setting

Key Expenditure- PHS Pupil Premium Allocation 2015- 2016


Fruit Provision to increase the amount of daily fruit and vegetable
portions per day consumed by pupils

£15 per week x 38 weeks = £570.00 Total

English Tuition

£30 per week x 38 weeks provision = £1,140 per pupil x3 = maximum

Science Tuition

£40 per week x 38 weeks provision for a group tuition session= £1520.00
for 2 pupils

Dyslexia Assessment

£600.00 for 1 pupil

Holistic Assessment Progress Reporting System

£3,000.00 for 1 year

To purchase a maths interactive system Mathletics plus 6 tablets
to run the system on


Setting up and purchase of equipment for after school
music mixing group


Additional After school golf club


Available £10,900

TOTAL = £10,805.00